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This society included in a group of companies was stablished from the begining as a joint stock company in 1982. This group began its insdustrial activities on 1st February 1959. Our Company's total production consists of castings in grey and nodular cast iron wich are destined for use in pressurized waters pipelines.
This means that our manufacturing lines comprise our own products manufactured with designs developed by Fundiciones y Accesorios, S.A. according to european standards and are sold exclusively from our stocks either by ourselves or through distributors. These castings, manufactured using our own patterns, from a range of products wich are able to satisfy any requirements the user may have. All our production is according to ISO 2531, and EN 545 for water pipelines, with a nominal
pressure 10-16 bar (25-40 bar under demand).
Ductile iron is a material whose characteristics are comparable to those of steel, is elastic limit and corrosion resistance are superior to this. The produced Ductile iron by Fundiciones y Accesorios, S.A. for making the fittings is according with DIN 1693 (GGG50), whose mechanical characteristics are as follows:

- Tensile strengh 50 Kg/mm2
- Proof Stress 34 Kg/mm2
- Elongation 7%

All the fittings are hydraulically tested according to DIN 3387. Test and analysis certificates are provided with the fittings if they are required by the customers. The coating of our fittings is done by powder blue epoxy with a minimum thickness of 150 microns. Under demand the coating can be done in red.